Down Home Vaping LLC

What is the ratio of PG to VG in your juices and what kind of PG, VG and nicotine do you use?

Our default ratio of 60% PG to 40% VG in all of our eJuice. We use this ratio because it provides an ideal consistency and provides a moderate amount of vapor production. We use only 100% Natural Kosher vegetable glycerin, USP Propelyne Glycol and 99% pure made in the USA nicotine. We never water down our products, either. We use NO additives.


What is PG? What is VG?

PG - Propylene Glycol. This is the flavor carrier. PG is thinner than VG.

VG - Vegetable Glycerine. This is the vapor producer. VG is thicker than PG.


Do you offer different ratios of PG to VG?

Yes. Just fill in the blanks when you check out. If your ratio is not in the drop down menu, please put your requested ratio in the comment section of the order.


How long after an order is placed do you ship?

Every single bottle of Down Home Vaping ejuice is custom made by us shortly before it is shipped. This means that we don't make batches, we don't let juice sit around and we guarantee freshness and quality! Due to this, processing/shipping times might require a small wait. Please check the home page for current processing/shipping times. We keep this updated. Please allow additional time during high volume time periods (sales, holidays, etc.) Feel free to contact us with any questions about shipping.  We feel that in the interest of fairness all orders should be processed in the order they are received.


Is Down Home Vaping eJuice made in America?

Yes! We handcraft all of our juices right here in Alabama using ingredients made in the USA. Our ejuice is truly a 100% made in the USA product.


What nicotine strengths do you offer? Are you planning on adding more strengths?

We offer all of our eJuices in 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 25mg nicotine. If you would like a Zero mg, please put the request in the comment section of the order.


Are your zero nicotine juices really nicotine free?

Yes we at Down Home Vaping ensure that, if you requested, you receive Zero mg nic juice.

What do you mean by hand crafted?

At Down Home Vaping we never use batches, not even small ones. This means that each and every bottle is hand crafted. We don't grab a bottle of pre-made juice and fill smaller bottles. We take all of the components of our juice and mix them together in each 11ml or 32ml bottle. We measure out the nicotine, flavoring, PG and VG into the bottle and shake. BAM!!! Your juice is born! We repeat this process for every bottle we ever create. This is truly hand crafted, hand made ejuice!


Do you take Paypal?

We cannot use Paypal as a payment option due to the restrictions placed on e-cig and e-juice vendors on the site. It is currently against the terms of service for Paypal for all e-cig related products to be sold through Paypal. Those using Paypal are doing so at risk of having their accounts frozen and being banned forever.


Is there a shelf life limit on Down Home Vaping eJuice?

Typically, our juices are good for at least 6 months if stored properly. You can even refrigerate your juice to make it last longer.


How should I store Down Home Vaping eJuices?

You should always store your juice in a cool, dark place away from sunlight. Always keep the eJuice away from pets and children.


My eJuice has changed color since it arrived. Is this ok?

Over time our juice changes color through a process called steeping. Think of our eJuice as a fine wine. It improves with a little bit of age. If you store your juice in a dark place (such as a cabinet) the juice will not change color as fast. Always keep juice cool. If your juice gets hot during transit, please contact us for replacements if you feel that the juice is unusable.



We promise to only send you good things.